Eric and his BFFs

Eric trying too hard

Eric Navarro:

He loves comedy, music, psychology, and a bunch of other crap. He also has a lot of friends. Eric created this “podcast network” as an excuse to talk to his friends more than once a year, and make new ones. One could almost say “he’s trying too hard.”


Here is some of his crappy music:

Ryan trying too hard
Ryan trying too hard

Ryan Sweeney:

Ryan wishes he could be considered “lumbersexual”, but knows that will never happen because his facial hair is prepubescent. He’s unnaturally obsessed with the music of Frank Zappa which doesn’t really help his whole “facial hair envy” thing, but he’s an emotional masochist. So, whatever. Really he’s just mad he keeps getting carded.


For PG-13 movies.


Brad not trying hard enough
Brad not trying hard enough

Brad “Fartland” Hartland

As a young boy, Brad was diagnosed with Beverly Hills Sweater Fishin’ Syndrome which drastically impaired his hearing. Thus, explaining his love for the band Weezer. Ryan hates Brad because he can grow legitimate facial hair. Ryan thinks Brad’s beard only exists to hide his ugly face. Also, he and Eric might have made out once. Ryan didn’t write this bio.